Google just published a free course on deep learning



Google just published a free course on deep learning

As explained in an article by The Verge, Google using the Udacity platform has released a deep learning free course.

This tell us a lot about the strategic importance of this discipline by now used massively by big IT companies. The Google approach, as usual, is to release as Open Source software its machine intelligence engine called TensorFlow with the aim to increase the community and interest and the knowledge of this tool. TensorFlow is not yet a finished product, and it is more similar to a semi-finished bunch of tools and Google’s intention is precisely to make it a complete tool by opening to community contributions.

These tools can be used in various fields, such as medicine, natural language processing and web analytics. To learn more, just follow the course. To get started just click here: http://blog.udacity.com/2016/01/putting-deep-learning-to-work.html


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