The dawn of Artificial Intelligence in business

L’introduzione completa all’analisi dei Biga Data e all’Intelligenza Artificiale applicata



The dawn of Artificial Intelligence in business

Today technology is advancing faster and taking less time to be widely adopted than ever before: it took roughly 10,000 years to go from writing to the printing press, but only 500 years more to get the email. It seems we’re at the dawn of a new age: the age of Artificial Intelligence, but many businesses are still sitting on the fence waiting for a way to understand if AI fits their needs right away.

Artificial intelligence is not a magic box, it is not a robot that solves problems alone, but it’s more a series of strategies, compromises, and applications that allow getting closer to the result starting from data. And the result of AI in business is the ability to predict. However, for an accurate prediction, you have to struggle with lots of data, computational power, technologies, return on investment.

With simple language and practical examples, “The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence in Business” uncovers the technical basis on which every successful company is building their AI applications nowadays, making use of big data analytics applied to business needs through Artificial Intelligence. If you are a manager, IT enthusiast, or entrepreneur, you will be inspired by real-world applications and stop having doubts about starting to innovate your business in the age of AI.

English Version Paperback (ISBN: 9798615149801)

English Version eBook (ASIN: B084YQNMXP)

Versioni eBook e Paperback in italiano: disponibili entro Marzo 2020.

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