clickAPP – the retail store mobile app

Una moderna carta fedeltà e un sistema di notifiche delle tue offerte nella tasca tu tutti i tuoi clienti

Project description

Engages more customers with their smartphones: clickAPP ​​is the solution to create the mobile app for your public business in order to increase customer loyalty in a simple and economical way. clickApp has Virtual loyalty card, promotions and discounts of the day with push notifications, news regarding your business, order collection, social gaming and links. clickApp is available on any iPhone or Android smartphone, and even on a webapp for all other systems.

With clickAPP ​​you put in all your customers pockets an incredible loyalty tool for sales growth. You will have a mobile app that your customers can easily download on their iOS and Android smartphones and through which you will be able to increase sales and profits of your business, whatever it is. clickApp is suitable for several fields:

  • bar, restaurants, hospitality
  • fitness, wellness and spa
  • beauty salons, hairdressers, tanning
  • retail stores such as perfumes, hardware, food and house furniture
  • printing services, photo / lithography etc.

The clickApp main features ​​are:

  • Sharing photographs and videos to talk about your business.
  • Products and services list with highlighted promotions.
  • Contact information and hours, with click-to-call feature.
  • Digital fidelity card and ability to cross-sell.
  • Specific campaigns to call back old customers.
  • Integration with your business social channels.
  • Push notifications of each news, offer, promotion.
  • Social gaming tools to increase sales.
  • Direct booking from the app.
  • The App is published Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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