clickWORK – mobile workforce in real-time

Aumenta l'efficienza del lavoro delle tue squadre di tecnici in campo senza pesare sui processi interni o sul tuo gestionale

Project description

clickWORK is the most efficient mobile workforce management that enables your company to plan, collaborate and report in real time all workforce jobs including support services, delivery, maintenance, etc.
clickWORK lowers your operative costs, lowers your operative risks and increases your customers quality of service. Moreover clickWORK is tightly integrated with your ERP system.

Transform your daily work in a slimmer and faster process improving planning, collaboration, monitoring and reporting of your support team network in real time.

  • Increases the speed and the efficiency of simple and complex work cycles.
  • Lower the operative costs of technical and maintenance interventions thanks to the collaboration of all technicians.
  • Seamless coordinates and integrates the phone Help-desk and field technicians to increase the customer care efficiency.
  • Lower the operative risks implementing well-known procedures and best practices on all work life-cycle.
  • Plans all real time operations, in order to solve problems emerged on the field or new customers requirements.
  • Ensures that top priority activities are always done in the most effective and quick ways.

clickWORK injects speed, efficiency and visibility on the management of complex or short work-cycles. Increases the real time collaboration between back office, field teams and contractors. Finally with clickWORK optimize the entire daily work life cycle becomes a reality for everyone.

More customer satisfaction, less costs

Don’t let your services company become full of inefficiencies, waste and problems related to the continuous and unexpected customer requests or due to changes on field conditions. Provide every technicians with a mobile device to allow them to:

  • Share their work agenda
  • Register interventions reports
  • Geo-localize technicians, customers and plan their interventions
  • Share notes and critical issues
  • Register SLAs and services contracts
  • Register invoices with mobile devices

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