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Project description

ClickSTORE is the simple yet immediate software solution to manage one or more Wholesales or Retail Point Of Sales.  ClickSTORE leverages the simplicity of tablet and smartphone and the convenience of cloud enabled architectures to let you work in a matter of minutes without any hardware investments. ClickSTORE is based on a friendly and intuitive UI usable by everyone and is integrated with warehouse and ERP system. With ClickSTORE you can improve your warehouse stocks handling or you can create analready integrated e-commerce solution. ClickSTORE has real time monitoring functions for all Point of Sales and can be also installed on-premise to work on stores without an internet connection.

ClickSTORE is an easy-to-use and cheap-to-activate point of sales software that increases every store, restaurant or retail franchise efficiency.
• Easy, beautiful and convenient: Forget old and ugly cash register systems and embrace touch enabled systems on tablet and smartphones.
• Manage more than one customers concurrently: on both restaurants and retail stores is possible to activate more than one account in parallel in order not to leave any customer on useless queues.
• With super-fast search engine: scan the product, examine quickly all the available categories and find immediately all the information that you need with full-text super-fast search.
ClickSTORE runs on cloud or on-premise: In order to roll out a POS the device (tablet, smartphone, PC) must be connected to the network. However, once the session has started, you can work off-line. When you reach network coverage the system will synch offline data automatically for you. Moreover with ClickBridge you can integrate barcode scanners, printers and drawers.
ClickSTORE Strengths:
• You can work and monitor your business real time and even remotely.
• Manage your POS chain simply and immediately without hardware or expensive integrations.
• Built-in full featured ERP and logistic platform that can be used by single POS or by a multinational retail company.
• Integrated e-commerce solution that is warehouse and accounting aware.
• Optional loyalty program and mobile app management. This will allow you to sell more starting from now!

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