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Project description

Color Hunter is a new game distant from standard gaming schemes since it is a modern version of the traditional Italian children’s game that we can call “Witch says colors”** turned into a smartphone game. For the development phase we started a Kickstarter fundraising campaing (~30.000 $) for which we created, together with Area 051 and Foresite, a prototype for iOS.



** “Strega comanda colori” is a folk Italian children game: players must be at least 3; the ideal number of players is 11. With a counting out rhyme, a “witch” is selected. The witch calls out a colour; all the players must go and touch a “thing” of that colour: it can be clothes, objects, or anything in the nature and environment. The game ends when the witch touches a player before he/she can touch the wanted colour. This player will be the witch for the next round of the game. 


Color Hunter is a simple but alluring game that will be launched for iOS and then for other platforms. The game is easy. You press play and the program assigns a color to find. By using the camera of your smartphone, you have to search for the color around you and as you find it, shoot at it pressing a button. The more the color is similar to what the game is asking you to find, the more points you’ll earn. In Color Hunter you will be able to challenge your friends, to rise in the ranks and become a champ, to collect badges and much more!  

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