PIMcore e Odoo integrati per la gestione completa della informazioni di prodotto e degli asset digitali

Project description

logo-claimEffiiciently aggregating data from various internal data sources— such as CRMs, ERP software, hard drives, suppliers, external partners, and syndicators is crucial for enterprise data integration. At Clicode, we lay special emphasis on data integration and we can deliver superior product data integration by giving you the charge through easy import and export of data between Pimcore and external systems, such as Odoo ERP and e-commerce, Magento etc. Since Pimcore is compatible with any Master Data Management implementation style, whatever be your data integration needs, you get enough flexibility to tie systems together to transform and integrate data at any scale and pace. Being an enterprise data integration expert, Clickode leverage on Pimcore PIM software to help you create customized integration solutions.


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