Odoo has 7 milions users worldwide!
An incredible customer base compare do other ERP softwares from major vendors

Odoo Community has 7 million users. For a complex ERP software in a B2B market, that is HUGE. By comparison, Oracle only has 34,000 customers on NetSuite.

Those millions of happy Odoo users create the best marketing channel you can possibly get: word of mouth.

On the market, you can find complete softwares (SAP, Netsuite, Dynamics), but they are too complex. You can also find simple softwares (Trello, Mailchimp, Xero, Shopify, Hubspot, salesforce, soho), but they only cover one need at a time.

Nobody succeeded in doing both: creating complete software that is simple and affordable. Discover odoo at odoo@clickode.com odoo@clickode.it 

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