GPIAN – Transportation planning for efficient logistics

Speed ​​up transportation planning and forecast costs and revenues in real time


The GPIAN project, created in 2018 together with a food transport cooperative, led to the creation of transport order planning software via a fluid, agile, extremely intuitive and effective user interface on various PCs equipped with 2 24'' monitors, through which it is possible for various users to simultaneously create, modify and relocate orders in digital format using drag-and-drop technology, as they are received through the usual company channels (mainly telephone and email), simultaneously viewing the slots planning multiple working days.

For each order it is possible to plan the necessary journeys, assign them to the means of transport actually available in that territory, indicate the specific requests for the product/material transported, collect confirmations from the transporters, and easily manage the order variations and the carrying over of the orders partially executed on the following days, in addition to the automatic calculation via digital maps of the Km expected for the execution of each individual route in each individual journey.

All this was once done on paper tables filled with lots of information during the working day, and the consequences of the dematerialisation of paper travel planning sheets are mainly:

  1. simultaneous operation of 3 or more operators who manage constantly updated data without getting in the way and passing cumbersome paper tables,
  2. speed and precision in identifying the transporters actually available in the various territories,
  3. speed of planning and re-planning of variants and order residues,
  4. transfer of the travel order plan into the pre-invoicing management system, with a drastic reduction in the time needed to enter travel orders.
  5. automatic calculation of the Km and turnover expected for each leg of each trip, eliminating the inevitable errors of manual operation.

Does your company also deal with advanced logistics? Does your company also transport food or perishable goods? Contact us to evaluate together the benefits that the GPIAN solution will bring to your business.


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